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Phil Wood - Lockring
Italian threading lockring for Phil Woods track hubs. Available in silver only.
38,00 € *
Phil Wood - Bottom Bracket Wrench
Phil Wood's professional bottom bracket wrench.
78,00 € *
Phil Wood - Bottom Bracket Tool
Home version of the Phil Wood BB installation tool. One recommended for British Cups and two required for Italian Cups.
20,00 € *
Phil Wood - Bio Lube Oil
A lighter lubricant than Phil Wood Tenacious Oil, Bio-Lube is created using all-natural ingredients and works as a fair-weather lubricant, as well as an all-purpose household lubricant. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and...
12,00 € *
Phil Wood - Hand Cleaner
Phil Wood hand cleaner is extremely effective. It’s meant to be used on dry hands, worked in, then rinsed off. Just a small amount will remove stubborn grease, oil, and dirt. Used by bicycle and automotive mechanics, it is effective and...
15,00 € *
Phil Wood - Lil Grease Cartridge
This is a 3 oz. (85g) tube of Phil Wood Water Proof Grease for those who do a lot of their own work around their shop/garage. Specification: • 3oz Lil’ Phil grease cartridge • Made in USA
15,00 € *
Phil Wood - Lil Grease Gun w/Needle Adaptor
Phil Wood & Co, offers its Lil’ Phil Grease Gun. It comes with: one 3oz Lil’ Phil grease cartridge, a one-piece solid extension, and a needle nose adapter.
60,00 € *
Phil Wood - Portable Lockring Tool
The steel lock ring interface is made to fit the Phil Wood, White Industries, or Campagnolo lock ring and is secured to a color-coded, aluminium outer cog. The outer cog has 22 teeth, machined at half-height, and color-coded to quickly...
82,00 € *
Phil Wood - Tenacious Oil
Phil Wood Tenacious Oil is used for ultimate protection and durability for components that have movement with metal-to-metal contact. Phil Wood's base oil has been produced for us by the same independent California refinery since 1971....
12,00 € *
Phil Wood - Waterproof Grease
Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is used to pack all our Phil Spec’d bearings for maximum durability. It is tested and has achieved the “premium” lubricant classification by all major bearing manufacturers worldwide. Waterproof grease is...
11,00 € *
Park Tool - RP-5 Sicherungsringzange1,7mm innen
Park RP-5 Sicherungsringzange1,7mm innen
27,99 € *
Park Tool - SW-11 Speichenspannschl. Campa5.5/6
SW-11 Abbildung lag bei Redaktionsschluss nicht vor Doppelseitiger Speichenschlüssel Passend für Campagnolo/Fulcrum 5.5 und 6.0 mm Speichennippel.
13,99 € *
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