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Designed to go anywhere in all conditions. The 10 Liter Hauser is the perfect size for the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mission Workshop - Hauser"
Farbe: Fog, camo, Foliage, Burgund HT500, Navy HT500, Orange, Schwarz, Schwarz HT500, Grau HT500, Rot, Grau, Navy Blau
Volumen: 10 L, 14 L

Designed to go anywhere in all conditions. The 10 Liter Hauser is the perfect size for the all-day ride. Complete weatherproof construction ensures your gear will always stay dry. Perforated back panel and shoulder straps ensure complete ventilation and moisture management. Equipped with a frame sheet for addes structure.
The Hauser 10L hydration pack has a total of four weatherproof exterior pockets to provide easy access to gear, and the included tool-roll is fully removable and provides four additional zippered mesh pockets designed to hold all the necessary hand tools as well as a tube and pump. The main cargo compartment is secured by a roll-top closure which can also be used in the flap-down configuration to provide additional coverage for the front zippers.
Compatible with most hydration reservoirs up to 3 liters including Camelbak, Hydrapak, Platypus, and Osprey/Nalgene. Use your existing hydration reservoir or purchase one from us. Full zippered opening on hydration pocket allows easy access to reservoir. Made in the USA

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