Apidura - Expedition Tool Rack

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Built to fit everything needed to fix a mid-ride mechanical: two road inner tubes (or one... mehr
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Built to fit everything needed to fix a mid-ride mechanical: two road inner tubes (or one mountain bike inner tube), tire levers, a small multi-tool, and a CO₂ canister. The Pack’s waterproof fabric was developed specifically for use by Apidura, and welded seams ensure the Pack’s contents stay dry. Hypalon, a rubberized nylon, is used to reinforce the fabric where the Pack comes into contact with the saddle rails. Zippers and buckles can fail when exposed to road spray and grit, so the Expedition Tool Pack relies on a Hypalon-reinforced Velcro tab, held down by a cinch strap. A light attachment with reflective detailing sits on the back of the pack for added visibility.

  • Shaped to hold essential tools for a mid-ride repair
  • Waterproof fabric with welded seams
  • Hypalon-reinforced fabric on high-wear areas
  • Simple, reliable attachment straps
  • Light attachment point and reflective graphic for visibility


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