Surly - Pack Rat 2020 Rahmenset
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Surly - Pack Rat 2020 Rahmenset

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The Pack Rat rolls on 26” wheels in the smaller sizes and 650b wheels in the larger ones.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Surly - Pack Rat 2020 Rahmenset"
Flaschenhalter: 1 Standard + 2 Three-Pack
Laufradgröße: 26" (38cm-50cm ), 650b (52cm-58cm)
Farbe: grey haze
Bremse hinten: Rim - Canti (removable posts)
Bremse vorne: Rim - Canti (removable posts)
Material: Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. Main triangle is double-butted. Heat-treated chain stays. TIG-welded
Extras: Bosses front and rear to take cantilever or linear-pull brakes, eyelets at the dropouts, rear rack bosses, triple bottle mounts; seattube and upper/lower downtube mounts, downtube shifter bosses, fully threaded through-blade fork eyelets for a front rack
Gabel: 1-1/8" threadless, tire clearance is 650b x 48mm or 26 x 2.0", fully threaded through-blade fork eyelets for a front rack, internal routing for generator hubs
Reifenbreite: 650bx48 (52cm-58cm), 26x2.0 (38cm-50cm)
Steuersatz: bottom EC34/30, top EC34/28.6
Größe: 42cm, 38cm, 46cm, 50cm, 56cm, 54cm, 52cm, 58cm
Steuerrohr: 1 1/8"
Innenlager: 68mm BSA
Sattelstütze: Ø 27.2mm
Sattelklemme: Ø 30.0mm
Einbaubreite: Semi-horizontal dropouts give you singlespeed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability. Adjuster screws are included to keep your wheel in the right place for optimal shifting if you go with derailleurs. Our Gnot-rite spacing (132.5mm) allows you to run

The Pack Rat rolls on 26” wheels in the smaller sizes and 650b wheels in the larger ones. Smaller diameter wheels keep the weight of the load lower than a 700c wheel would, thereby improving handling and ride feel. Pack Rat’s fork also includes some handy internal routing for generator hubs so you can safely ride off into the night.

Dedicated commuters, credit card tourers, those who enjoy the occasional sub-24 campout, and sweaty back people looking to leave their backpack behind need look no further than the Pack Rat.

Having your stuff in front of you means it’s close at hand and easily accessible. It also allows for better weight distribution. We’ve all ridden with a pannier full of groceries. Some of us have wiped out around a sketchy corner and watched as our precious eggs and bananas go flying every which way in an act of Mario Kart-level carnage. A front load keeps the bike nimble and allows you to more efficiently use your body English to steer from the rear and avoid such a super market massacre.

The drawback with front-loading on a lot of bikes, however, lies in how it affects the bike’s handling. The weight pulls you through turns in an awkward sort of way as if the load is doing the steering and you don’t even have control over your own life anymore. It makes for an overall less enjoyable ride. The Pack Rat’s front cargo-specific design eliminates that steering issues but also rides great without cargo. There’s no need to load it down with cans of beans every time you want to go for a ride. Unless that’s your thing. We’re not here to tell you how to live. In an effort to jumpstart your front cargo carrying dreams, we include a 24-pack rack on the complete bike version.

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