Surly - Lowside Rahmenset

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Remember when you were a kid and still had ambitions in life and riding your bike felt like pure... mehr
Produktinformationen "Surly - Lowside Rahmenset"
Reifenbreite: 26 x 3.0" , 27.5 x 2.8"
Bremse hinten: 51mm I.S. disc, 180 Max Rotor Size
Steuersatz: ZS44 / EC44
Material: Surly 4130 CroMoly Steel ‘Natch tubing
Extras: 32t Boost 1x, 24/36t Boost 2x, 28t 1x, 24/34t 2x
Farbe: rainbow in the dark
Gabel: 27.5+ 140mm travel suspension fork compatible (551mm A-to-C max)
Laufradgröße: 27.5", 26"
Bremse vorne: 51mm I.S. disc
Größe: XS, S, M, L, XL
Innenlager: 73mm BSA
Sattelstütze: Ø 30.9mm
Sattelklemme: 33.1mm
Einbaubreite: Investment cast Surly 12mm horizontal dropouts with derailleur hanger, 145mm Gnot Boost spacing works with 142 or 148mm spaced hubs. Convertible to 135x10mm QR with Surly 10/12 adapter washers (sold separately), 110mmx15, 148mm & 142mm thru axle

Remember when you were a kid and still had ambitions in life and riding your bike felt like pure freedom? Rolling around town without a care in the world, heading to friends’ houses, and being home in time for dinner were all in a day’s work. There was nothing you couldn’t do. You were unstoppable.

Now you can relive that joy as a “grownup” on the Lowside without all those pesky hopes and dreams getting in the way. The Lowside is the bike that gets you across town for a quick rip on singletrack, then over to the bar for a night out. You might even still make it home before dinner.

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