Surly - Midnight Special Rahmenset

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Today’s road bikes are tricky little buggers. Sure, there’s still a place for super narrow,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Surly - Midnight Special Rahmenset"
Extras: Clearance 1x: 44t max 2x: 34/50t max, Front and rear fender and rack mounts, down tube and seat tube water bottle mounts, DT shifter bosses, 140-160mm flat mount disc
Farbe: Hot Mayonnaise
Material: 4130 CroMoly, doubl-butted main triangle, ED coated, TIG-welded
Gabel: 00 x 12mm thru, flat mount disc, 400 x 50 (40-54cm), 400 x 40 (56-64cm)
Reifenbreite: 27.5 x 2.35in w/o fenders 700 x 42mm w/o fenders
Größe: 40cm, 46cm, 50cm, 64cm, 60cm, 56cm, 54cm, 52cm, 58cm
Steuerrohr: 44mm head tube, 1-1/8 steerer tube
Innenlager: 68mm BSA
Sattelstange: 27.2mm
Sattelklemme: 30.0mm
Einbaubreite: 142 x 12mm thru, vertical drop-out, integrated derailleur hanger

Today’s road bikes are tricky little buggers. Sure, there’s still a place for super narrow, pizza cutter-esque tires that save watts and shave grams or whatever. There’s probably still even a place for a road racing bike. Those places still exist. We just don’t know - or particularly care - where they are. When it comes to road bikes, we just want to toss a few bananas into our pockets and see where the road takes us. We seek out varied surfaces on our rides and frequently go from pavement to gravel to shittier pavement.

Enter: The Midnight Special - a Road Plus bike designed to provide comfort and speed on those all-day rides that extend well beyond fresh pavement. It rides like a cloud on smooth pavement. but that’s expected. Any bike can do that. Where it truly shines is on pot-holed, deteriorating pavement and the occasional long stretch of gravel. The Midnight Special’s 650b Road Plus tires eat up road chatter and absorb all the bumps in the road like the champion it was designed to be.

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