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The Macho Man is perfect for riders who commute all week to work but love to get out and play on... mehr
Produktinformationen "All City - Macho Man Disc CX Rahmenset"
Farbe: Oliv
Laufradgröße: 27.5", 28"
Gabel: 612 Select double-butted CroMoly, tapered fork blades, lugged crown & matching dropouts w/IS disc tabs
Steuersatz: 1-1/8" threadless, EC34 upper & lower, crown race 30.0
Reifenbreite: 43/46/49 cm 650b x 42 mm, 52–61 cm 700c x 38 mm
Material: 612 Select double-butted CroMoly tubeset
Flaschenhalter: 2
Extras: Rear rack mounts, fender mounts, E.D. coated
Größe: 61cm, 46cm, 43cm, 49cm, 52cm, 55cm, 58cm
Steuerrohr: 1 1/8"
Innenlager: 68mm BSA
Sattelstütze: Ø 27.2mm
Einbaubreite: 135mm QR, 100mm

The Macho Man is perfect for riders who commute all week to work but love to get out and play on the weekends. It’s a perfect choice for gravel, off-roading, and of course cross racing.

This generation of our everyday cross mount is better than ever with an expanded size range and 650B size wheels on the 43,46, and 49 sizes. Utilizing the 650b wheel size for our smaller bikes allows us to better serve riders by preserving our desired geometry as we scale the bike down the size range. Simply put, there are significantly less handling tradeoffs with a 650b wheel in those sizes, and smaller riders will benefit from smaller top tube lengths and the greater acceleration that a lighter, smaller wheel provides.

Like all of our steel bikes it sports classic hand-built frame details such as: a custom head badge, bi-plane lugged fork crown, internal top tube cable routing, signature brazed-on seat collar, signature vertical dropouts, custom bottom bracket, bottle boss reinforcements and an E.D. coating. It clears a 38c tire (650b x 42c on the smaller sizes) with plenty of room for mud, has fender mounts for rain days, and rear rack capability.

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