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Paul Components - BOXCAR STEM

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The Paul Comp Boxcar Stem is the perfect combination of stiffness, strength and reasonable... mehr
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The Paul Comp Boxcar Stem is the perfect combination of stiffness, strength and reasonable weight and may be the coolest looking stem right now!

This stem was designed from the ground up to be stiff, strong and pretty darn light too. The rounded box shape is some 25% stiffer than the competition and after extensive real world and machine testing, proven this to be the best combination of these three principles as well as one damn strong stem!

The stems come in a zero rise and a +/- 15 degree rise. Lengths are 50, 70 and 90mm. All screws are the same pan head T25 Torx type screws in stainless steel. Why Torx? Because they work so well, and are the same wrench size as the ubiquitous rotor screws all makers use. All screws are high strength stainless steel with the popular T25 head. Made in Chico, California with US sourced 2024 aircraft alloy.

• 2024 Aluminium
• 31.8mm clamp
• 1 1/8 inch
• 50mm | 70mm | 90mm
• 36mm stack height
• +/- 0 (deg) or +/- 15 (deg) stem angle
• 137g (50mm)

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