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Paul Components - Tall and Handsome

  • Paul Components
  • BL1000284
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The Tall and Handsome isn’t the lightest seat post ever made, though it may be among the easiest... mehr
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The Tall and Handsome isn’t the lightest seat post ever made, though it may be among the easiest to use and nicest looking. Like all Paul components it’s built to the highest standards for function and ease of use. The Tall & Handsome has a generous setback of 26mm, perfect for the shorter rails of Brooks saddles. If you do not like setback in your seat post do not buy this one, but if you ride a Brooks saddle that you can't get quite far enough back you'll love this seat post. The head and shaft are made from a special high strength 2024 aluminum alloy. The shaft is precision ground to 27.2mm and the head is machined separately before being screwed and bonded into the shaft. The two bolts sit on spherical washers that allow them to pivot and self align to the cradle. The clamp can be adjusted to tilt the saddle's nose up or down with a range of roughly 15 degrees, and precise angle adjustments are made by loosening one screw and tightening the other. Position is adjusted by loosening both screws an equal amount and moving the saddle. Because of use of two screws slippage is eliminated. Specifications: • Material: 2024 Aluminum • Weight: 320g • Post diameter: 27.2mm • Length: 360mm • Setback: 26mm

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