Fi'zik - Superlight Classic

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fi’zi:k’s Bar:Tapes are developed and tested in conjunction with leading riders – from road and... mehr
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fi’zi:k’s Bar:Tapes are developed and tested in conjunction with leading riders – from road and cyclocross, to give the most demanding feedback on grip, comfort and feel across every terrain and distance, and in every type of weather conditions.
Consequently, fi’zi:k has developed Bar:Tapes in options of three different thicknesses, and with a number of different textures. Each are available in a number of different colorways to suit your bike and club colors.
All fi’zi:k Bar:Tapes are made using durable, breathable and tactile perforated Microtex material. Laser cut perforations mean no rips or tears. Superlight tape uses 2mm thickness for the ultimate in feedback and control. Classic texture is familiar and loved by riders of all types.
All Bar:Tape kits come complete with two rolls of tape, two extra tape strips for the lever clamps, two finishing strips and two bar end plugs.

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