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Shifting in our new system is controlled by a thumb-activated unit that uses only one lever.... mehr
Produktinformationen "BOX Components - .one. PushPush Shifter 11speed"
Material: Cold Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum and Carbon Fiber/Nylon Composite
Kompatibilität: Box™ & Shimano®
Farbe: Schwarz matt & glanz
Gewicht: 120 g (w/ clamp)
Typ: Daumenschalter
Anzahl Gänge: 11

Shifting in our new system is controlled by a thumb-activated unit that uses only one lever. This design uses two unique motions to initiate up or down shifts, providing lightning quick and intuitive gear changes -- push the lever forward to shift down and push the lever inward to shift up to a higher gear. With an all thumb activation, the index and middle fingers are now free to apply more consistent power at the brake lever, increasing precision and improving control. When riding varied terrain, as many as four downshifts can be made at once, ensuring the ability to maintain cadence while climbing.

Made of cold-forged aluminum, the Box One™ PushPush™ Shifter features a dimpled lever for superb tactile feel and a removable clamp that includes 10mm of left/right adjustment for precise handlebar placement. Adjustments to cable tension can be made via a traditional barrel adjuster and cable replacement is quick and easy through a sealed port located on the shifter body. It is best paired with the Box One™ Rear Derailleur and Box Two™ Cassette but is also compatible with Shimano® 11-speed systems. All aftermarket shifters will include a low friction derailleur cable, ensuring crisp, accurate shifts.

Adjustment 10mm left/right
Other Up to 4 downshifts at once; single upshifts
Clamp Aluminum
Hardware Stainless Steel (Zinc Oxide Coated)
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