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Three years of development and Paul think they nailed it, 100% designed, tested and manufactured... mehr
Produktinformationen "Paul Components - KLAMPER DISC CALIPER"

Three years of development and Paul think they nailed it, 100% designed, tested and manufactured in house
Settling on the tried and true ball bearing in a ramp system, Paul refined some details; using bigger balls for smoothness and increased pad travel and hardened steel for where the balls contact the ramps. Then instead of a plastic thrust washer, they used a flat needle roller thrust bearing. As for the caliper body - Paul beefed up the body where needed and added “fangs” to the inner backing plate all to increase stiffness.
For easy pad adjustability but staying power, detents were designed into the circumference, located with spring ball plungers. The pads are Kool-Stop sintered metallic. We believe this is the best mechanical caliper ever made for a bicycle.
Available in long pull and short pull, just change the actuating arm, both of which are available separately.


• Material: 6061 Aluminium | Heat Treated Steel
• Cable Pull: Short Pull | Long Pull
• Brake Pads: Kool-Stop Disc Brake Pad for Avid Elixir Metallic
• Weight: 211g
• Black and Silver

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