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Paul Components - Racer Medium Front Brake

  • Paul Components
  • BL1000279
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Following on the heels of the successful Racer is the leaner, meaner, racier Racer Medium. It's... mehr
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Following on the heels of the successful Racer is the leaner, meaner, racier Racer Medium. It's got fantastic stopping power and thanks to the very stiff and short arms it modulates that power better than any brake. Racer Medium features an additional bridge piece that runs between the pivots and allows the Racer Medium to mount to frames with a single brake mounting hole above the tire. The option is given for a shorter recessed bolt to work with modern frames, or a longer non-recessed bolt that works with older frames. In this setup the Racer Medium is a medium (or "standard") reach brake with a range of 47 to 57mm. The Racer Medium come with all necessary hardware: mounting bolts, straddle wire, cable carrier, and a pair of salmon Koolstop Thinline brake pads. Black or silver anodization is available, along with a high polish finish. Between the arms there is enough clearance to fit a 45mm fender and a 32mm wide tire. We think this is a perfect combination for an all-around do-everything road bike if there ever was one. As a bonus, the brake will not pinch the side of the fender like dual pivot brakes do. Specification: • Material:6061 Aluminum • Weight: 154g • Cable Pull: Short Pull • Brake Pads: Salmon Koolstop Thinline • Reach: 47mm-57mm • Recessed version

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