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Wahoo - Element Bolt V2 Bundle

  • Wahoo
  • BL1009909
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ELEMNT BOLT is purposefully built to provide a simple, intuitive ride experience in a sleek,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Wahoo - Element Bolt V2 Bundle"
Farbe: Grau
Laufzeit Batterie: 15h
Gewicht: 60g
Konnektivität: WLAN, ANT+ FE-C-Steuerung, iPhone, Android, Bluetooth
Extras: IPX7 (wasserfest bis zu 1,5 m), Höhenmesser

ELEMNT BOLT is purposefully built to provide a simple, intuitive ride experience in a sleek, aerodynamic design. This GPS bike computer features a 2.2 inch, 64 color screen with an ambient light sensor to make it easy to see the metrics that matter most, at a glance. Perfect View Zoom, Quicklook LEDs, and customizable data pages allow you to personalize your device setup to ensure it's a helpful companion from the beginning to the end of your ride. With 16GB of memory and on-device navigation features, ELEMNT BOLT can store the maps and routes you need to keep you on track and re-route on the fly. BOLT has a battery life of 15 hours and can be charged mid-ride thanks to its USB-C charging. Equipped with Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and WiFi technology, ELEMNT BOLT pairs seamlessly with all of your cycling sensors and complementary devices to get the most out of your time training. Designed for performance and engineered for simplicity - the ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer makes every second count.

The ELEMNT BOLT is a fully integrated GPS bike computer, with a full list of compatible hardware and smartphone apps.

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