Cinelli - MASH Work 2017 Rahmenset

  • Cinelli
  • BL1000418
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Columbus custom cromoly superior steel frame developed along side famous bike-messenger, racer,... mehr
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Columbus custom cromoly superior steel frame developed along side famous bike-messenger, racer, and adventurer, Chas Christiansen. Chas travels heavily, races alleycats, criteriums and cyclocross, so the bike was born in order to fit all these diverse needs. We kept a raw look that preserves the weld heat markings by adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates the Columbus technology. Garrett Chow drew on this frame the historical Cinelli and Columbus artworks mixed with Mash logotypes to enrich also the aesthetic level of detail of this frame in a timeless manner. Both the frame and fork clear up to 35c tyres, allowing to use both skinny slick & cross tyres. The geometry has a high bottom bracket and is aggressive by nature. The frame has removable canti brakes studs, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixedgear, or single speed with brakes.The rear brake also features an internal cable routing.

Rust ist not a flaw it is intended.

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