All City - Cosmic Stallion 2018 Rahmenset

All City - Cosmic Stallion 2018 Rahmenset

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The CS is simply our finest work to date, embodying all of our bicycle ideals in its execution.... mehr
Produktinformationen "All City - Cosmic Stallion 2018 Rahmenset"
Laufradgröße: 27.5", 28"
Material: All-City A.C.E. Air-Hardened, Custom Extruded, Heat Treated steel frame, Custom tapered headtube with integrated headset, Custom All-City forged thru-axle dropouts
Flaschenhalter: 3
Reifenbreite: 700 x 40 w/ Fenders, 700 x 45 w/o Fenders, 650b X 47
Farbe: schwarz/weiß/gold
Gabel: Whisky No.9 thru-axle, carbon blades, tapered carbon steerer tube, Post Mount Disc Brake mount
Steuersatz: IS headset, S.H.I.S. Upper: IS42, S.H.I.S. Lower: IS52, Crown Race 40
Extras: Rear rack, front & rear fender mounts, three water bottle mounts, E.D. coated for durability and rust prevention
Größe: 61cm, 46cm, 49cm, 52cm, 55cm, 58cm
Innenlager: 68mm BSA
Sattelstange: 27.2mm
Einbaubreite: 142mm x 12mm, THRU-AXLE, Ø12 x 165.5L, TP=1.5, TL=12

The CS is simply our finest work to date, embodying all of our bicycle ideals in its execution. As is our passion, we've combined the classic artistry of a lovingly detailed, handbuilt steel frame with current technology. Creating a bike that is both timeless as well as thoroughly contemporary.

We designed it to be the ultimate for covering ground quickly over any road surface you may encounter. Whether you're traveling and can only bring one bike, crushing gravel classics such as the Dirty Kanza, or just want to know that whatever the heck you end up getting into for the day your bike can handle, The Cosmic Stallion is The One!

While it excels on smooth roads, when things start getting bumpy, the Stallion really shines. There is simply no other bike we've ridden that does a better job of soaking up road chatter, yet is so fast and efficient.  It's also incredibly versatile in its feature set. You'll find three bottle mounts, as well as mounts for a rear rack and fenders. It also sports a full carbon Whisky No. 9 fork, our own A.C.E. tubeset,  a tapered head tube, lovely shaped stays, thru-axles, Shimano Di2 compatibility and fits 700c x 45 tires or 650b x 47. 

The A.C.E. tubeset found on the Cosmic Stallion was custom designed for all-road riding and racing. The tubing is seamless, heat treated, Air-hardened, and Custom Extruded to our exact specifications and needs. The use of full frame A.C.E. Tubing allows our engineer total control over the butting profiles and wall thickness’ and has allowed us to build our lightest disc frame yet, a full 5oz lighter than our 853 Macho King, as well as achieving the ride characteristics we were after. 

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