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The Chain Keeper Direct is a front guide to keep your chain running right where it belongs. This... mehr
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The Chain Keeper Direct is a front guide to keep your chain running right where it belongs. This version of the Chain Keeper is designed to attach in place of a high direct mount front derailleur. High direct mount attachment points have a single bolt hole to the right of a long, vertical slot. The Chain Keeper Direct can also be used with the Direct Mount Adapter from Problem Solvers. This makes it easy to add a Chain Keeper to a fat-tire snow bike with a 100mm wide bottom bracket shell. The Chain Keeper Direct works with single chain ring drivetrains using a narrow chain. The chain block surrounds the chain as it meets the chainring and prevents it from skipping off. The Chain Keeper Direct was designed to fit a wide range of chainring sizes and chainline measurements. The slotted arm allows for 34mm of vertical adjustment, while the chain block has 20mm of lateral adjustment and full rotation. Please note that Chain Keeper Direct may not work with all frames. Specifications: • Material: 6061 Aluminum • Weight: 52g • Mount Style: High Direct Mount Black only.

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